Zencash wallet encryption


I installed Zencash wallet and have 100% sync. At the bottom it tells me that the wallet.dat is not encrypted. Yet, in the menu, the encryption selection is greyed out and not functioning. What do I need to do?



I too am just getting started and am very concerned about having any of this stuff unencrypted. I guess we are responsible for encrypting this stuff on our own? Is there a CLI wallet I can use? Haven’t found one.



Having just downloaded the swing GUI wallet and bought my first ZEN I’d love to know the answer to this question also.


u/vaklinov responded to this question from another user over on the Official Zencash GitHub page:

The ZENCash Desktop GUI Wallet is technically a UI wrapper over the ZENCash command line tools. The ZEN private keys are stored in the wallet.dat file and it does not yet support encryption at file level. For that matter ZCash does not support encryption yet either… Encryption will surely be supported in the future.

One ZEN wallet that already supports encryption is Arizen:

Hope that helps!


Great thank you for this, will take a look at the Arizen wallet but hopw to see encryption on all ZENCash wallets soon


You could/should encrypt wallet.dat yourself.
I for one always encrypt my crypto data on removable drives, more than one for safety!

If you are on a Mac “High Sierra” for one example use APFS Encrypted

When it prompts for a password make it a strong one that is only used to gain access to your encrypted drives.

I use an SSH type key that is loaded into computer memory, used once then goes poof flushed from memory.
Said SSH password/key is stored on other USB drives, well you get the idea.

Start small, encrypt two USB drives with a copy of wallet.dat and you are much much safer than a wallet that encrypts itself.


So encrypting wallet.dat file is my next approach. The problem is there is no obvious way to specify a wallet.dat file that isn’t in %AppData%\Roaming\Zen. I have an encrypted volume now where I’m trying to keep all my cryptos which I open on a restricted basis (like it’s a safe).

In theory zen.conf might have such an entry, but I can’t figure out what it would be based on zen-cli commands? Import/export commands don’t sound right. Needless to say I’m into the nitty-gritty where no mass adoption takes place. A little documentation would be helpful.