ZenCash t_address on secure node



First I need to apologize for the dumb question :slight_smile:

What is the difference between t_addresses and z_addresses in ZenCash and how to generate an t_address on Secure Node ???

Thank you in advance for your help !!!


The t-addr is a address that starts with โ€œznโ€. It is called a t-addr because it is transparent. These addresses function just like bitcoin addresses in that the history of transactions are clearly visible in the blockchain for anybody to see.

The z-addr is much more unique. The details of transactions made with a z-addr are not visible to observers other than the sender and receiver. It would not be possible to see the value, recipient, sender, ect.

To generate a t-addr (startes with zn)
./src/zen-cli getnewaddress

To generate a Z-addr:
./src/zen-cli z_getnewaddress


Thank You for your explanation !!! :grinning:


In my case zen-cli getnewaddress creates a address with zt?


Same here. Hopefully thatโ€™s fine?