ZenCash in Turkey and Azerbaijan


ZenCash – Turkey / Azerbaijan Representative Proposal

About Myself:
I’m currently an MBA and Business Analytics candidate at Moore Business School (USC). My background is in investment finance. My work experience has been in hedge funds, focusing primarily in emerging markets. I was engaged in asset classes such as equities, fixed income, derivatives and real estate. My undergraduate minor was in MIS and I have always been interested in new technologies, especially if they had applications in the financial industry. I believe that the blockchain technology will transform many industries and I am excited to be a part of ZenCash and contribute.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/said-mammadov-8699905/

I am Enthusiastic about ZenCash:
I was following crypto space for about a year in 2017, then I met Rob at the USC, he was teaching a finance prep course and that’s how my interest in ZenCash started. Later I met some other team members, I was impressed by the founding principles of ZenCash and the team. The concepts of privacy, decentralization, transparency and the whole notion of building a privacy ecosystem are appealing to me. I also find long term value in the treasury model, this makes ZenCash sustainable in the long term and differentiates us from get-rich-quick schemes out there. I believe there is very significant utility for ZenCash across the globe and we need to make people aware of it. My work involved travel and financial analysis in various countries and I want to utilize my skills to advance ZenCash. My target geographies of Turkey and Azerbaijan share similar language and culture and they encompass almost 90 million people, mostly young and tech savvy population. Since both countries have somewhat unstable domestic currencies and restrictive politics, the increased usage of alternative money, such as hard currencies and cryptocurrencies is prevalent. My objective is to advance ZenCash in my target geographies, support other team members when they need assistance and promote ZenCash project globally.
More specifically:

  • I want to increase awareness about ZenCash, my goal is to get people to discuss ZenCash, understand its advantages and realize that it is one of the few sustainable projects in the crypto sphere and the primary privacy coin.
  • I aim to increase the usage of ZenCash, I will work to get people to invest in ZenCash, allocate their mining capacity to ZenCash and also operate secure nodes.
  • I want to make ZenCash brand recognizable as one of the top alt-coins and the primary privacy coin. I like our new branding and I believe it will be beneficial to make our name stick in people’s minds.
    ZenCash is a growing project, so in addition to the objectives in my core geographies I will work with other team-members to advance our common goals. I am very familiar with the EEMEA region I speak Russian and Turkish so I will support any undertakings in the broader region.
    I also believe that as ZenCash grows and expands my finance expertise will be useful in navigating many money and finance related issues. I have been active in investment finance for more than 10 years and I have an extensive network of investors, investment banks, brokers and financial analysts which could be beneficial to ZenCash.

Short Term and Long Term Objectives:

  • Learn more about crypto-currencies and their potential application areas.
  • Get involved with ZenCash team and support community initiatives where I can make a positive contribution.
  • Advance awareness of ZenCash in my target geographies via Facebook, Twitter, local crypto forums and other electronic means.
  • Promote ZenCash via traditional mass media in my target geographies.
  • Arrange for ZenCash participation in local meetups and crypto conferences.
  • Get miners to engage in ZenCash by educating them and providing guidance when necessary.
  • Attend community events and contribute to ZenCash growth in the larger EEMEA area
  • Longer term goals are to work to get ZenCash more integrated with payment systems, credit cards and other finance related functions.


  • Develop ZenCash brand name and awareness via established mass media and crypto centric media such as coin-turk. bitcoinlerim, dusputaz, haqqinaz. # of readers.
  • Develop and expand Zencash discussion on bitcointalk.org in Turkish. # of posts.
  • Advance community interest in Turkish and Azeri language crypto forums, make people aware of the project using Facebook and Twitter. # of posts and discussions.
  • Get people to mine ZenCash and setup secure nodes, currently negotiating with small sized miners in Russia (Hanti Region), Turkey and Azerbaijan. # of miners, wallets and nodes.
  • Get ZenCash to be accepted at online merchants and get crypto cards to include ZenCash, currently working with other team members on this front. # of counterparties.

Thank you for considering my proposal, I hope I get a chance to contribute to ZenCash and help make it the top privacy coin.


Awesome thanks for posting this, very happy to have you in the community and on the team!


What a great proposal/presentation, I’m glad we have you among us Said, welcome !


Brilliant to have you here, welcome aboard!