Zen.suprnova.cc weird network hashrates that decrease payouts


Anyone else here mining on zen.suprnova.cc, looks like ther ehas been a lot of issues on it. For example, their pool hashrate will show much higher than it should and breaks down the payment based on the pool hashrate. Right now it is showing the Pool Hashrate as the global hashrate with a user having over 3GH/s. Everytime it does this increase, payouts go down 90% when these hashrate glitches happen. These random users with 1GH/s and above randomly appear for a little while then just dissapear completely. Is this usual on Suprnova? Just seems a little weird.

Just refreshed and it looks even worse now. the 3.5 GH/s dropped to 2.8 GH/s when the total Pool Hash is only 2 GH/s, yet the person with more hashrates than the pool is still receiving shares.


It looks like both the pool hashrate and the user hashrate were off by a factor of 1000 for about 2 hours. It doesn’t appear to have increased or decreased any payout for me. I don’t know what this is, but its the first time I’ve seen it.

What is normal is large miners coming and going off the pool and off the Zen network. I’ve noticed that the network hashrate will often drop after around 10pm central time. I’m guessing that some of the large miners are IT admins for large companies that are using the company computer network to mine after hours, and when the work day starts they stop mining.