Zen-cli - Lost wallet address



I was sitting up a secure node yesterday and has created a new shielded address:

zen-cli z_getnewaddress

This returned ok from a zen-cli z_listaddresses command.

I sent 1.25 zen over 3 transactions to that address and confirmed they were received ok. Today I log into my VPS and check the status of Zend and I have logs saying:

0|app | 2017-11-30 09:16:33 GMT – Stat check failed. TypeError: Cannot read property ‘bal’ of undefined
0|app | No private address found. Please create one and send at least 1 ZEN for challenges

So I check and the wallet is now not listed:
[email protected]:~/.zen$ zen-cli z_listaddresses

I attempted to reimport the wallet.dat file in the .zen folder:

[email protected]:~/.zen$ zen-cli importwallet wallet.dat
error code: -8
error message:
Cannot open wallet dump file

Any ideas what has happened here and how I can recover the address?


Figured it out. I had testnet=1 in the zen.conf but must have set that after funding the wallet.

When I commented it out and restarted zend, all was back in place! :see_no_evil:

Out of interest, should this remain commented out for the migration today?


Commented out or deleted altogether, either way is fine.