[SecureNode] Spoon feed me please (serious)


Hi folks,

I built a selection of Zen mining rigs as I have been following Vosk. He promotes the heck out of your coin.
I dont mine the most profitable coins, I mine Zen as I have a fair bit of respect for Vosk and Vosk likes Zen.

Mining Zen helps the Zen community. Hosting a ZEN node would also likely help the Zen community. I’ve read BlockOps site from start to finish and I’m certain that it makes sense to Linux users. But Rolf clearly has a genius level IQ…and a genius I am not. I’d like to host a few Zen servers as I’ve mined buckets of Zen… but I need a full on step (dont’ miss a step) walk through.

Yes. I know how this sounds… idiotic. But hear me out. Instead of giving me the traditional “use the search function” reply… consider this for a moment… What if I represent a silent majority? What if someone took the time to youtube a full (complete) step by exacting (cut n paste) tutorial on how to create a Zen secure node?

Well if nothing else, I can commit that the Zen network would grow by at least my Zen nodes… but it is logical that my Zen nodes would not be the only ones coming online.

To The Powers That Be… Rolf? Vosk? Devs?

Listen… the “barrier to entry” for most of us who want to help with a Secure node is not that we have not mined enough Zen… its the fact that we are not savvy enough to handle the intricacies of setting it up (as there are a million steps) on our own.

If someone takes on this project… you will help us build more Securenodes…More Securenodes will strengthen your Zen infrastructure.

I know that some one can discount this post and write “we aint going to spoon feed you”… but I say again… if you did… well I would place a series of Zen Secure Nodes online… and heck… if Vosk made a video on the topic… you can be fairly guaranteed that the number of SecureNodes would explode.

In my best Princess Leia voice… “Help me you’re my only hope!”



I’m about to purchase the 42 zen and set one up. I’m going to be using this:

It looks like the instructions are pretty good. If I can improve on it I might do a write up.




I have a detailed guide on how to build a securenode as well


Thanks!!! I am doing this now.


psyrax and Gandalf,

I just wanted to take a moment to “thank you” both for sharing your insight.

I’m going to start at the beginning of your guide and keep working at it til I hit a wall. If I can get a Node online… heck anyone could… so we will see if I can muddle through it.

Anyone out there with a SecureNode, would you care to link us to your ‘specific’ VPS that you are renting?

Thanks again.



On the hardware side, you will need 4G of swap space and 2G of ram. If the ram is less than 2G, challenges will take up to 1200 seconds. Anything over 300 seconds will get you a chalmax exception and you won’t get paid. Cost me 1/2 ZEN to figure this out.


Just a note on the Blockoperations write up. This dude like’s to use and editor called vim. If you’re new to this stuff I recommend replacing “vim” with “nano” to edit files. Personally I found it much simpler.


@onyx369 Thank you for putting this request out there. As a fellow idealogically-aligned yet probably even less technically adept user I am looking to do the same thing. Luckily my future brother in law knows Linux and he’s on board - but I’m sure there are more people out there that want to contribute to the secnode ecosystem but the rungs on the technical know-how ladder are keeping us on the sidelines currently.

I’ve seen some write that this technical exclusivity is a good thing - i.e. if we aren’t technically adept enough to construct the node ourselves then we aren’t doing the network any favors and might even be making it less secure. I am open to that message and I can see potential merit - if I’m just “copying and pasting” and can’t respond in a timely fashion to inevitable errors and updates, perhaps I’m more of a burden to the secnode network than if I just hodled on the sidelines? This would seem to be a form of technical centralization, which would run counter to Zen’s focus on radical decentralization across all aspects of the network however…

Either way, I second your opinion that there are more people out there looking to participate in strengthening the Zen network (myself included). And I’ve got my father and future brother-in-law fired up and vested and ready to stake a node as well.

Count me in as a Secure Node in waiting!

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Hi gents.
Thanks for taking the time to share your insight.
I just watched one of Vosk’s recent videos on the topic… sounds like he is planning on making a step by step video tutorial.

He says that he’s aiming for sometime in FEB… I’ve starting hunting around for a VPS to experiment… one of the gents above suggested at least 4gigs of RAM.

Has a 4gig system for $20 USD which seems reasonable.

I’ll letcha know how it pans out.



Hey @onyx369 I just found a way to do this without any technical knowledge. I spent ages setting up my node and was helped by this dude on discord. After setting up I find out that he actually rents out nodes. All you have to do is put 42 zen in a staking address (t-address) and make sure there is always 42 zen in there. Give the guy your t address and he set’s everything up! It’s $110 AUD for initial setup and $11 AUD per month for renting. I’m paying $20 AUD per month to hire the VPS when going straight to a VPS provider! I’m going to get this guy to take care of my initial node and probably another one too.

Get on discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/SuaMBTb) and talk to a guy called (psyrax, UTC +11#8184) he’s usually on the #securenodes channel. There is another dude called (PeaStew, UTC+1#7567) that does the same thing but I think he’s out of slots at the moment or something.


Hey @Gandalf and lads,

Okay… I thought I would share my progress. With Gandalf’s suggestion… I tracked down Psyrax on the discord. I believe he has also posted in the thread above. Just as Gandalf mentioned… Psyrax literally had me up and running with a SecureNode in less than an hour. He handles all setup hassles as well as hosting. The guy offers everything a n00b could need for this. Cheers Psyrax and thanks for pointing a n00b like myself in the right direction @Gandalf.

I dunno if he wants his link posted on the forums or not… but any who are interested, you can likely MSG Psyrax on this forum.

Also… I hit @VoskCoin’s discord while I was at it… he has a great community going there. One of his discord members posted a link to a script that apparently takes a brand new/blank VPS and apparently automates the entire process!

When I’m feeling up to it… I’m going to test it out myself and see what happens.

At any rate… any n00bs reading this thread in the future… getting the secure node online can be as easy as reaching out to @psyrax here and I’m sure that he will take care of you… or perhaps if you are savvy enough with Linux yourself… just run the Zencash Secure Node Installer script.

Hope that this thread helps other n00bs out there mining and holding Zen…



I am about to be doing one as well… Will post results when done.