Secure Node Tracking and Payment System Software Development Project Discussion


I can’t see it happening in the next couple of months unfortunately, but as soon as things quieten down a bit I’d love to.


Understandable, just let us know when you’re ready to rock & roll :beers:


Hi guys,

Any plan/date on sharing the latest Zen Secure Node System Architecture v2 with the community?

I still have an open question which might perhaps be addressed in the v2 design.
As far as I can understand from the available information, each Zen Secure Node requires a unique external IP address.

This requirement is impractical for most of the people (and for more balanced decentralization), so I would really like to understand the rationale for this requirement, if it’s really a requirement.

So, I have the following questions:

  1. Why does the Zen Secure Node System require one unique external IP address per Secure Node? Can you please elaborate on the rationale.

  2. If this is not a real requirement, I would like to contribute a Tutorial on how to setup a scalable infrastructure to host multiple Secure Nodes on a single high-performance machine. What would be the best approach for this, regarding formatting, review, etc.?

[Proposal] Change to points based system for S*Node Uptime calculation

The idea is to pay for a distributed and resilient node system. If a large number of nodes were hosted on a single system, that kind of defeats the purpose.