Secure Node Tracking and Payment System Software Development Project Discussion


Here is a picture of the spreadsheet


Do we need to keep the 42 zencash in the node now for reward or rewards will be after the secure node is implemented?


You should not have to keep the 42 Zencash on the node at all. And no rewards will start until the implementation. We are testing the tracking software now, you can follow progress in the ZenCash slack in #developers and #securenodes channels


Will the secure nodes require their own SSL certificate or will they be able to use the shared certificate from the server? If they require their own SSL, the economics of this are going to shift quite a bit with cost of static ip and certs.


each secure node needs their own certificate. You can use a free one from let’sencrypt


From my crypto layman’s perspective, any verification should be built into each node, including protecting against bad info from compromised nodes.



I read the setup documentation but I didn’t see where to enter the wallet address in the node.

There is anything that I must do to enter the beta period, or I just need to setup the node and make the deposti?

Thank you


“You will need at least 1 zen in the node wallet in a private address. The balance is checked when the app starts and will show the address on the console.”

It doesn’t tell you specifically how to do this. On the node run “zen-cli z_getnewaddress” and transfer your 1 ZTC/ZEN to that address.


What about involving community members who are non-technical but willing to learn?

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Perhaps agreements could be made between non-technical individuals willing to hold the 42 ZEN stake, while more technical individuals would operate the nodes with profit-sharing based on uptime of the node? That would easily allow non-technicals the ability to directly participate.


that’s a pretty good idea, i’m sure arrangements like that will certainly take place


Heyy, that sounds like an exciting possibility I’d like to pursue further! The group I have in mind for this test aren’t coders or developers like I explained before, but we’re all nerds with experience in other areas in crypto lol…

In fact, we would like to include our teenage children and their friends in this experiment if possible…


Well what is you and your team’s level of knowledge? Do you have, or are you able to register, a domain name?


I have second hand experience with that lol, as in I’ve watched how-to videos, read up about it on blogs and forums, and seen it done before. This would be the first time I’ve had a need to do it myself, but I’m fairly confident I can get that done without issues…



Wanted to ask if someone has already registered a node successfully and what are the expected dates for official secure node network start.


This thread has been super interesting.

I’m in the midst of fitting out a new mining location but as soon as it’s done and I have some free time again, I’ll definitely be setting up a SN.



I have just setup a new secure node (testnet3), but failed to register to due to this error : “Please add a total of 1 zen to the private address by sending 4 or more transactions.”

If someone could send me on Testnet 1 zen in 4 or more transactions, I would like to thank him in advance :star_struck:
It’s like a message in a bottle thrown into the sea :smile:

Hereunder my transparent adress

“address”: “ztYWqjdhHWazTX4kt147TmuqjgtoTwPVmn8”,
“account”: “”,
“amount”: 0.00000000,
“confirmations”: 0,
“txids”: [
“address”: “zthLJFoz7EecwwHa5r8fkPHodzB21ScjExp”,
“account”: “”,
“amount”: 0.00000000,
“confirmations”: 0,
“txids”: [


You should be asking on Discord, I did send you 1 in 4 transactions at 0.25 ea



once you have the 50 test coins in your t_address you can send the transactions to your z address yourself. ask for the test coins on discord #securenodes


Thanks all.
Seems that it was not the right place to request a such thing.

Thanks for your valuable feedback and for the Discord link.