Request to approve HINDI translation for ZEN cash announcement page on BitcoinTalk


i have found that HINDI translation work missing in the new announcement thread of ZENCASH on bitcoin talk…
there are 1.3 BILLION people knows HINDI in INDIA… hope this project will reach to many people and helps the community to grow big…
so i am requesting proposal for hindi translation…
here is my past translations portfolio…
thank you very much
all the best …


Hi @desitranslator18,

category “Request for proposal” is for ZenCash team members. No worries I’ve changes your topic to “Ideas” which is, I think, more suitable😉

Your idea is very nice! May I ask you if you’re talking about volunteer activity with no reward for your effort?

Have a successful day and enjoy the summer☀️😎

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of ZenCash


hi… if any bounty available then reward for me…i am a student earning some money through translations for my expenses… i am not very much keen about rewards… i can do at "no cost " also…no worries…thanks :blush::+1:


Hi @desitranslator18,

we reviewed your proposal and can offer you 1 ZEN as a reward for your volunteer services - translation of the new announcement thread of ZENCASH on bitcoin talk.

Of course, the payment can be sent after reviewing of final quality of your work. So please, post here links for all of your final translations. I will take a look and then send you a payment.

Thank you for your participation, enthusiasm and spreading of ZEN word💋

Have a very nice day😊

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Zencash


helloo kamila… thanks for your reply…
i made HINDI translation… but i got one issue… when i am trying to post on BitCoinTalk … i am getting error like " INVALID BBCODE: close of unopened tag in table (1)"
this is the first time i got this error… i am newbie but i purchased for copper membership on bitcoin talk…may be the ann thread contains many number of links and more characters like signature etc which needs MEMBER OR FULL MEMBER status on BitcoinTalk page…
here is link to my hindi translated work…

can you copy and paste the code if you or any ZEn team having full member status …
thank you very much…


Hi @desitranslator18,

thank you very much for your fast work :kiss: Great job!:+1:

please, let me double check it with my team. Unfortunately it’s weekend and holiday time so I will probably need some time.

I will give you a feedback as soon as I can.

Have a beautiful weekend :sunny:

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of ZenCash


Hi @desitranslator18,

may I ask you for a link to your profile on Bitcoin Talk, please? We try to fix the issue. Many thanks in advance! :wink:

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of ZenCash


hi kamila,
here is my bitcoin talk profile link;u=2305591;sa=summary

thank you…


Hi @desitranslator18,

if you wouldn’t mind we will post your work after rebranding. Also would it be possible from your side to keep your translations updated, please? I think it would be gorgeous to spread all important things related to ZenCash with all good people who speak HINDI.

Please, let me know your thoughts.

Have a successful day :+1:

Kind regards,
Comunity Project Manager of ZenCash