Replay TXs ZEN/ZCL


I will keep this list updated as much as possible:

No replay attack was observed from SF to the ZEN block #122067.

max ZEN block #122067
TXid - #ZCL block - #ZEN block
dd1d3b0ad2fd997004521080a89c2242e35177cf38c35fd913abb64bf83d5912 - 111581 - 117094
1f8fb6ce1f07b3121d965cf3c2cad53f67dae79af6c9365a4a532e73fe267a33 - 111612 - 117094
eba6ec34303306d90b41f2c3099e72506e111133f73d5cc29afb75d92f9afe83 - 115384 - 117094
bc58687fb84aac16938889d14a9fb870e28f0e2cc162795908ddbb9b76de9719 - 119327 - 116733
030549dfd292a62bc4bf058773d9041b5a0b29d8fc886e3b2efad4444926cbb6 - 110002 - 116486
b6a6c8c69b52a6b4c556428aa9d77b73e09a999105bb5cc2da39a9622778e43f - 111317 - 116305
eea7e68ecdc6d6e75ba5219bc95ed4ddfb997b574e2f6b3f3aebf7268b864d97 - 113333 - 115986
b51ad0167ae40df220ef6e417cc3709a0b41fd6ba9ba7b49b0c465ad3d73ce34 - 113549 - 115986
dfc4019698c5b0d9a181aeeddaf46b89e16a2d12b3ea8bcb3652f00fb369f92d - 113145 - 115986
15a2459a9756dc31f1475570fb5bf3bdc63fd22e700d093e670eeb419a2fbe6b - 113416 - 115986
316699b20a0528f3c76e2e8c164fa0a4fabb1dea17443cce1774eadfd8a714bf - 113098 - 115986
88333f5ae011c1ae3838853951fb2dce0c9ad5f1c3402606fbf99d1edda43333 - 113124 - 115986
9571b3fd0c00e6c3e4b292ec9773e0a7b37e5cfe6510052a889f48c58ec8e6a5 - 110562 - 115896
c4cc963fb8afb2bdbc28e91cdc341584b9b3fcb53efe00695a4c5ffeba560056 - 110573 - 115896
91bd954f4fa2a7b3c4ad9e177cdefcbba2ca8e5ce4b4969a8042fa8693ebe01c - 113610 - 115627
89823aa2f264975ad1fb274dd85f0f437c984e5780c442f524d9e1cb10880ea1 - 111029 - 115104
a2514112c9b78a1d9c937a8a8d4ee954e94076d7ec946d623b7d80ee872d05cc - 112200 - 115017
6730cd412aba31b4a3ef8eb88359ecc829ebe38cf14b78c72c31504864efa05d - 113618 - 115004
0ef68464c64de93f017bf47f3acb9b2c043d233819a98963c7bbbdc9b1ff2f83 - 110258 - 114839
7169ed90f0d6493be4124883141fb0bf7858314c84067bb4e71682bd90dd7648 - 111660 - 114699
070f9d654237fd7a2fccde25ac7a643744e097e05f9dc28e44da01a0433a48af - 117070 - 114448
bea70d2a3d140512470a9ab324770e4b9522690eedc4afff2986d55046985301 - 111971 - 114361
d6ef6d33eaae3b214b40c6c1e22bf5e1b2c1fe75b0471bfcaf98a86b228554b8 - 110592 - 114294
f04eca4e4ae5af91d68590482c63b73966932cc038b90b24a2f4072bb00d05ad - 120600 - 114266
96a0203927385024c16f28f7653928387478af63ecd2241c0b58212db673ffb2 - 111671 - 114216
3198cfebf41bc055a40f69b739116f40237bcb4c7d0a5dc3ba6e30abfa072cc8 - 112315 - 114190
Count: 26

Wasn't ZCL supposed to be forked at block 110,000?

If you know of a replay transaction, or had one happen to you, please post the transaction number here. We are working on making a block explorer that can track transactions by address, which will make lookups easier. After the mandatory software upgrade, the Zen team should be able to go through the replayed transactions, verify what happened, and work to find the missing Zen.

If you sent Zclassic to someone, and the transaction was replayed in your Zen account, it was probably sent to the same person. Ask them to import their Zclassic keys into a Zen wallet and see if they got your Zen also. If they did, ask them to send it back. It might be the easiest way to fix the problem.


@lukas any replayed transactions since the soft fork?


Not now @mountaindrifter


Now that the SF went off well, and development is underway to strengthen the transaction replay protection, I am just wondering what the road map is for investigating and remediating those replayed transactions for those who lost ZEN


Updated to the ZEN block number 122067


Hi Lukas, I’ve lost all my Zen from my Eleos wallet since the soft fork, Is their any chance of recovering these funds or are they lost for good. It was a ZCL tranaction to my Bittrex wallet so don’t think I have any hope in getting the private key.

Amount: 43.99122336
Blockhash: 00000000c206c5e660209592a82eb368e2ce2e782c0a677951fb8bf66b422d05
Confirmations: 21064
Fee: undefined
Time: 12:38:25 - 2017-5-16
TXID: b84c280e1c445dfd1d10455141ab592ecdc0f4e9a1eed77821e3911adeac1ad4


Hey all. Just following up with my previous post about being reimbursed for the lost Zen due to replay transactions. Has a solution been found to recover the lost Zen of repay those who lost Zen?


This has now been resolved for me.

I would like to thank the Zencash team for resolving this issue and reimbursing me for the lost coins whose transactions were replayed when I imported my zclassic wallet. Your professionalism has been exemplary, many other projects would have just said “too bad too sad” and I would have had to chalk this up as a learning experience and count the coins as gone. I really appreciate both the core and dev teams effort in ensuring the blockchain is a safe and remedying the communities concerns. I can see the potential of this project and hope that it succeeds.



still not resolved for me, I would just like a yes or no answer if I am likely to recover my coins. least then I can move on and stop deleting and readding my private keys everyday hoping they will come back.


So it looks like this transaction b84c280e1c445dfd1d10455141ab592ecdc0f4e9a1eed77821e3911adeac1ad4

shows on the zclassic blockchain here:

And the Zen blockchain here:

For Amount: 43.99122336

Let me see what we can do about that.


The transaction b84c280e1c445dfd1d10455141ab592ecdc0f4e9a1eed77821e3911adeac1ad4 was included in Block #108656 before the Block 110K snapshot and before ZEN was started. That’s why it shows up on both blockchains, but it is not a replayed transaction.
If you sent the ZCL to Bittrex and kept it there past the block 110k snapshot you should have been credited with ZEN directly in the Bittrex wallet. If you sold the ZCL before the block 110k snapshot there is no way to claim ZEN from them unfortunately.


Thanks for taking the time to look into this for me, sorry the transaction above at block #108656 was when I transferred most of the funds into this wallet as this wasn’t my main wallet, just one I was keeping my node fund in.

ZCL wallet was emptied at block #110562 at Time: 22:29:40 - 2017-5-19

I received my Zen fine but after the softfork it replayed, transaction 000000027366354562da2c77adf041f3f970e60ae847e47fcd05f50ccfbf5bf4 at Time: 21:26:14 - 2017-6-10


Hey @carlosaberto22 thanks for being patient with us, we’ll check out this potential replay and reimburse if it checks out.



based on the block number #110562 and blockhash 000000027366354562da2c77adf041f3f970e60ae847e47fcd05f50ccfbf5bf4 it looks like your replayed TX is 9571b3fd0c00e6c3e4b292ec9773e0a7b37e5cfe6510052a889f48c58ec8e6a5 - 110562 - 115896 details here. It looks like you qualify for reimbursement, to get your ZEN back please follow the process described here


  1. On the same computer you have eleos installed on, download and unzip a ZEN command line wallet from [here] ( (Win or Mac)
  2. Follow the instructions in the included file instrucions.txt to launch the Zen daemon and get to a command prompt
  3. Once you’re fully synced to the network follow the instructions on how to sign a message from the blog post here and send the result to [email protected], note that you need to use the ZEN address where the replayed TX originated from in the signmessage command, in your case the complete command would be ./zen-cli signmessage "znnRsngJtiLxrtiyMrkgCgNh7c7PhX2FWiZ" "message text" on Mac or .\zen-cli.exe signmessage "znnRsngJtiLxrtiyMrkgCgNh7c7PhX2FWiZ" "message text" on Windows

If you have questions we’re happy to help you, you can come by our slack or ask them here on the forum.


Thanks for verifying that @cronic@carlosaberto22 looking forward to your email to issue disbursement. Apologies you had this issue, but happy we can help!


Email sent, thanks a lot to you both.


Thanks Carl and apologies for this even being an issue at all! Thanks for being patient and just wanted to let you know that reimbursement has been issued.


Got all my Zen back now big thank you to Cronic and Rob for reimbursing me what I lost. It has given me full faith in Zen again and I see a positive future with such a trustworthy team behind it, Thanks again. I better get buying more while it’s so cheap :grin:


Very happy we could help @carlosaberto22! The best thing we have going for us is a positive, supportive community :slight_smile: