Questionable Activity on BitFire Mining Pool



The payment stats reported by time period can only go back the last 100 payments (at this time).
This is why the 2 week number may be off, as not enough data is available to do the full 2 week calculation.

Enjoy and Happy Hashing!


Thanks for the reply @hellcatz

That makes me wonder why the pool OP stated he had no idea what that wallet was for if it was for the “spare Zen” from the pool? That wallet would have to be defined by the pool OP correct? Since I created this thread I’ve had one person DM me through another channel regarding mining on Bitfire quoting:

“iv been complaining about being under paid for ages
thought perhaps it was the network”

So I find it odd that the pool is getting “extra” Zen when at least one other miner besides me has complained of underpayment.

Regardless it’s been an educational experience for sure. I’ve mined my 1000+ Zen and will step out of the mining side for now, but looking forward to seeing the team progressing through the roadmap. I plan to run a few secure nodes, so excited to see the dev work on that front. This is my last post on the matter.



Questionable addresses:

First one was indeed a change address, second one was a miner.