Purchasing MinerParts with ZEN


Hello everyone,

We are MinerParts.com. We’re happy to announce that we added ZEN as a payment option. That means you can now use your ZEN to buy PCIe risers and other parts for your mining rigs.

We accept many other crypto currencies as well… However we’re really excited to be able to offer ZEN. I’ve been involved with this community since before it launched.

  • Ben
    aka Fittsy


Heyy I just added your website to our list of preferred vendors who accept ZENcash as payment. :slight_smile:

If there’s anything special you would like us to promote or include, just let me know so we can share it on social media with our other content…


Good to know that !!!


We do our best lol! Please spread the word so we can add everyone to the list, and promote this practical use case for ZEN :slight_smile:
Thanks to all!