[Proposal] ZenCash Video Series - Part 2 (Expansion)



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As my initial ZenCash Video Series comes to a close

I would like to capitalize on the current momentum my expanding the video series much further.

Adding 15 videos to the ZenCash playlist will expose more viewers to ZenCash and further educate current viewers. These videos expand upon the initial focus of what is ZenCash and how to mine it. With these 15 additional videos more mining content will be available in addition to how to utilize the ZenCash one has mined as well as additional ways to store it. This expansion also puts a focus on differentiating ZenCash and why this is not only a profitable cryptocurrency to mine now but the right cryptocurrency to invest in for the future


@VoskCoin Project is approved. Please start whenever you are ready.


Thank you Rolf :smiley: - Project will begin commencement today!


Best ZenCash Mining pool for profitability? Suprnova the reigning champion versus Luckpool versus MineZ zone


MineZ Zone ZenCash Mining Pool Review is live! 2/15


Luckpool Equihash mining pool review is live! Try your luck for the miners jackpot at Luckpool?! 3/15


How to setup and use www.MyZenWallet.io !


How to Buy & Sell ZenCash @ Cryptopia! https://goo.gl/yRCE94


ZenCash Mining pool showdown 22 day test


What are zk-SNARKs and how does it elevate ZenCash?


Coss.io Review + buying & selling ZenCash !


How to use ZenCash Messaging - Sending Encrypted Private Messages on the Blockchain w/ Zen


Two video guides on smOS (remote monitoring and control of your mining rigs @ a super low fee)

smOS is a breeze to use, and you can monitor and control your rigs from your browser, iphone, etc

Here’s my guide on the initial smOS setup using EWBF miner

Here’s my update video on using DSTM miner within smOS, I receive a bit of a better hashrate with DSTM however I have had issues with it for 12 card rigs. I use DSTM miner on all of my 6 and 8 card mining rigs.


Free ZenCash w/ www.getzen.cash as well as covering the critical role of Secure Nodes in executing the goals of ZenCash along with how operators may earn “free” zen by hosting a Zen Secure Node!


this is good!
have you ever made some video about Equihash NVIDIA miners?