[Proposal] ZenCash Telegram Help/Info Bot and porting Discord Tipbot


I’m making a bot for the zencash group that helps people helping and has a small knowledge base for fast access to links etc and I would like some funding for development, maintenance and rewards for helping users.
It’s also able to send/receive tips

I’m currently working on https://t.me/ZenCashHelp_bot for the Telegram group. At the beginning it was supposed to serve as a quick knowledge-base but after asking an admin (Alex Z) what they think about the bot we (me and Alex) put together a few more ideas. One of them was to port the discord “tipping bot” on the zencash discord to the telegram group and this proposal.

About Me
I’m a german application developer apprentice and have been involved with ZenCash and it’s community for quite a while now. ZenCash was the first crypto that really interested me and made me look into it further after I stopped mining Ethereum.

I will further develop bigger features, like the tipping bot, and maintain the bot itself and also take requests for features from admins.
The bot already has some features and is usable, because alex came up with the proposal idea after I started working voluntairily.
If this proposal is accepted, I’ll move the bot from my raspberry pi at home to a rented VPS for better uptime and the tipbot functionality.
As you can see in the available commands, there is something called “/thanks”. It’s a feature that users can use to thank other users when they were helpful. I’m planning to give away a small amount of the Budget to the top 3 most helpful persons each month before resetting the scoreboard.
I’m hoping to boost the willingness to help and kindness in the chat.

1 ZEN per Month (or less frequent, like 2 ZEN every 2 months, 4 ZEN every 4 months and so on), lower/higher also possible if you can explain to me why you think so and still gives me some pocketmoney and pays for the monthly giveaway and VPS.

You can cancel our agreement and payment at any time you want, but that will most likely mean that I’ll have to move the bot back to my raspi and most likely suspend the bigger features like the tipbot and thanks-giveaway.

I’m really happy about the zencash community and would like to make things a little easier for the voluntairy helpers in the ZenCash chat.

If you think this isn’t something the telegram group needs then that’s fine, I’ll still continue adding more commands that only respond with knowledge. :innocent:


Hi @DatDraggy,

Thank you for posting this proposal. I consulted your idea with @Lukas who coded Tipbot for Discord and we both share the enthusiasm for your idea.

Please let me review your proposal also with leadership and I give you a feedback as soon as I can.

Have a successful day :blush:

Community Project Manager of ZenCash


useless, almost no one will use it


With that amount of repetitive questions I doubt no one will use some of the commands.
If you mean the tipping bot, don’t know. Would there be one for discord if no one is using it?
I wouldn’t really call it useless.


Hello @DatDraggy,

we’ve reviewed your proposal and we really like it. Our Telegram community is growing and we welcome your great idea. You proposal is approved.

Thank you for contributing with ZenCash! If you would need something, please, feel free to contact me on [email protected].

Kind regards
Community Project Manager of ZenCash