[Proposal] Zen cash smart bench


Hello community,
allredy doo some benches for some coins and wanna offer my services. (you can dm me: BEET#1029 for proof)
Take a look at projetc designed special for ZEN cash, this is CAD render with all measurements and etc:

in this version we have 5 comfort places (seat) and 6 total, this is logo colors https://forum.zencash.com/uploads/default/original/1X/6215b842b47e3e37a30b4170cb14b668d739301c.png
Outdoor use, metal based with anti-vandal hard polimered plastic. 850$ SIMPLE and 1100$ SMART with power connectors, usb, 2A phone charger, ambient LED light in night. Worldwide shipment via UPS, EMS, etc.
Minimal order 10 benches.

If you are do not accept my services i seggest you at least put this in roadmap or somehing, this is great real life use cause.
Your lovely investor aka securenods holder.

PS: i will not exchange/sell ZEN if you accept this, i will use my own $ funds in production.


Hello @BEET,

thank you very much for your proposal. Your bench looks awesome! But I regret to tell you that your product doesn’t match to our marketing concept right now. This doesn’t matter that we are not opened to another cool proposals. If you will have another interesting idea please feel free to contact us.

I’m looking forward to your new ideas!

Have a nice day🙂

Best regards,
Community Project Manager of ZenCash


Ahh man that’s too bad, I really love this idea lol! It’s super creative, and has real utility…I could picture a bench like this at any one of our crypto cowork spaces. :smile:
I especially like how the “smart” one with the phone chargers tie into the ZEN swag from Consensus
( the camera covers and popsockets )