[Proposal] Graphic for Zen


Hi there, am Joseph, nickname bytez/kilobytez. I’m an IT administrator and been into UI / graphic as well. I would like to propose for any sort of graphical presentations for the Zen community, be it on twitter , blogs , websites or any other marketing promotional materials.


  1. Only me


  1. To come up with graphical images / useful details / charts & information of Zencash system

a. Graphical / Promotional Materials in PSD/JPG/ANY A4 Size - 5 zen per pcs *
b. Graphical / Promotional Materials in PSD/JPG/ANY A3 Size - 7 zen per pcs *
c. Graphical / Promotional Materials in illustrator A4 Size - 8 zen per pcs *
c. Graphical / Promotional Materials in illustrator A3 Size - 12 zen per pcs *
e. Standard (free size) graphical images for web / twitter / blogs - 2 zen per section *

Timeline : 1-3 days (PSD)
Timeline : 2-4 days (AI)

  • All graphical content comes with free resizing options and extensions (not limited to the types of format converted). In other words, you can have JPG, PNG, TIFF, PDF file for 1 artwork.

Reference : https://steemit.com/blockchain/@bytez/my-trueflip-challenge

Do let me know if this is proposal is gonna work out :slight_smile:



Thanks Joseph! Let me talk with the marketing team and get back with you.



Heyy, I’ve been trying to find some high resolution graphics for ZEN, would you guys be the ones to ask?? If not would you know where to find these please? Thank you!




We could definitely use some new graphics - did you have concepts or ideas in mind?



Hey Rolf,

Sorry for the late reply. Maybe can come up with some graphics about zen in a nutshell? Im working on it, will PM you slack when it’s ready!



what zen graphic are you indicating? Do you mean the logo?


heyy yes we’re looking for high resolution graphics for branding please- It needs to be really good resolution in order to work well using our 360 VR camera and online gallery on Matterport. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=qhyYrgd8UT5&utm_source=4


I love the matterport 3D perspective ! Looks like the future of virtual tour Photography is here! Regarding the high resolution logo, you gotta hang on with that for the moment. Graphic wise you can look for me, if anything I can assist you with, in exchange with zen :smiley:


Heyy that’s great thank you! We have managed to get by with whatever we found online and could print at Walgreens lol…but we’re always looking to make improvements on whatever we do! :slight_smile:

This is all new for us really, we’re learning on the fly - and not even working in the same parts of the world lol - we work remotely the majority of the time…

So yes whatever High Resolution graphics you have please send, with much thanks!
The event was awesome btw, check out some pics if you have a chance! We have added over 50 new members to our meetup group since announcing our partnership with ZEN last week - http://meetu.ps/c/3qMFL/z3yMN/f