[Proposal] Crypto in Canada MEETUP



A collaboration with Money NOW Network, Decentralized Art Shows

We’re organizing an event located at 32 Camden St. Toronto on Thursday June 14th from 6pm to 9pm. We are flying up Kenn Bosak,Sommer Sherwood -Bitcoin enthusiasts with a large crypto following. And Milton Guardas - Videographer, content creator and social media promotion.

Kenn Bosak’s Social Media following:

Facebook- 5000
YouTube- Kenn Bosak- 9700
YouTube- Pure Blockchain Wealth- 4000
Twitter- 8000
Steemit/ Dlive- 1700

Sommer Sherwood’s (Kenn’s Manager) Social Media following:

Twitter- 3700
Steemit - 1600
Decentralized TV - 70k
Pure Blockchain Wealth - 4000

A bit of background to the event:

  • We are expecting about 80 Attendees to the event function on Thursday June 14th. These attendees will be Blockchain industry professionals, investors and social media crypto influencers.

  • The event is going to run from 6pm to 9pmwith a 1 hour networking event after.

  • We will have 4-5 more exhibitors and they will have a chance to do their 15 min pitch on their projects followed up by questions from Kenn Bosak and the audience of attendees.

  • This will be FREE to get into for the Attendees. We will be advertising the event on Meetup and Eventbrite, where I already have a following of Blockchain enthusiasts and professionals.

Here is a list of what this sponsorship includes:

15 minute solo speaking slot to discuss your project. ( This will be lead by Sommer )
Following the talk we will hand the questions over to Kenn Bosak then the audience.

We will set up an area to display ZEN Corporate pop up banner/swag…which we will also give away during the show. Crypto art will be available for purchase with Zencash, artists QR codes will be on display, and we’ll be able to download mobile wallets for all that are new to ZEN.

Logo exposure and 25 word corporate profile on Canadascrypto Meetup page and Decentralized Art Shows FB page.

Logo and company profile exposure in the event brochure
A Minimum of 10 tweets prior to the show by Kenn Bosak and Kevin Moore as well as RT’s by Kenn Bosak’s large influencer network.
Just before and just after the show we will do a minimum of 10 tweets.

ZEN logo and social media links on the event invites for Meetup and EventBrite.

Your name and logo listed on a 10’ wide by 2’ high banner at the event located on the front stage area.

The entire event on Thursday June 14th we will be live steaming the event and posting the link on all available social media platforms.

After the event we will do a minimum of 10 tweets about the event being sure to mention our sponsors.

Within 14 days after the event ( by June 28 ):

1 professionally edited recap video of the meetup.
1 page blog post with pictures and links to ZENCASH.
Social media analytics from Twitter, Steemit, FB, and YouTube.

The cost for this sponsorship will be 30 ZEN each, so total of 120 ZEN.


Kevin Moore
Canada’s Crypto

Sommer Sherwood
Decentralized Art Shows

Milton Guardas
UOS Social Media Management

Kenn Bosak
Crypto Ambassador

Kenn Does Toronto - Crypto in Canada Meetup

Hi @Itsmee.Bosslady,

to be honest I don’t understand if the point of your post is a proposal for sponsorship from ZenCash side or something like that or if it’s just an invitation for community :grin:.

May I ask you to make it clear, please? Many thanks in advance!



Heyy, we’d like to submit this as a proposal for sponsorship please! :smile: I’m sorry if it wasn’t clear right way lol…
This meetup is structured somewhat differently from previous our Decentralized Art Shows, so I wanted to follow the procedure for submitting proposals and start in the Ideas category…

This is just one of around a dozen meetups we’re organizing over the next few months - and we’d like to include continue including ZENCASH as a sponsor.


Hi @Itsmee.Bosslady,

thank you for making it clear :grin: I’ve just added a label “[Proposal]” in order to everybody can see we are talking about sponsorship and community could comment it.

You wrote “15 minute solo speaking slot to discuss your project. ( This will be lead by Sommer )”. If we decide for this kind of sponsorship who will prepare a ZenCash speech for Sommer Sherwood? Are you expecting that our PR will cooperate with Sommer and prepare the speed or does Sommer want to work on it alone?



Heyy ok awesome thanks! I’m Sommer btw lol :smile:

I’ve got the presentation covered, it’s not our first time lol…I was going to start by sharing my story of how I first heard about Zen, and briefly outline where we are now a year later…touch on what we’ve learned, what’s gotten better and what we still need to work on. Keeping it simple so we have plenty of time to answer questions and set up new wallets for anyone who wants help.


I’m sorry, Sommer​:grin: My apologize :laughing:

From my point of view it sounds great. Thanks! Just one last thing…you wrote “this sponsorship will be 30 ZEN each”. Can you specify which items are for 30 ZEN (total 120 ZEN)? I just want to make the calculation clear.

We’re going to review your proposal in next two days. So I give you a feedback very soon.

Have a nice day.


Heyy that’s great, thxx! Each = per person :smile: 4 person team


Ok, if I understand it’s:

  1. You,
  2. Mr. Bosak,
  3. Mr. Guardas,
  4. Mr. Moore.

Is it correct?


Correct - 4 person team

  1. Sommer / Itsmee Bosslady - On Discord: ItsmeeBosslady#3006,
    On Twitter: https://twitter.com/SommerzWorld

  2. Kenn Bosak - On Twitter: https://twitter.com/KennethBosak

  3. Milton Guardas / Investor Milton - On Twitter: https://twitter.com/GuarderasMilton

  4. Kevin Moore - On Twitter: https://twitter.com/kevinscryptos


Great, thanks!

We’ve reviewed this proposal and we think it’s an amazing opportunity to be visible in Canada! We’d like to definitely support this event. Nevertheless the budget seems to be pretty expensive.

May I ask you if there is any possibility to reduce the price of 120 ZEN? I understand that it would mean to reduce the items included in the sponsorship package.

We can offer you right now 20 ZEN per person, it means:
20 ZEN x 4 people = 80 ZEN.

Please, let me know if you are opened to this offer. If so, please, can you write what would the sponsorship package exactly include?

Many thanks!


Sure, we can work with you! 80 ZEN for our team to split ACCEPTED. :smile: Thank you!

We’ll include the same deliverables - -

1 - Add ZENCASH to promotional materials, event fliers and social media posts

2 - A pop-up banner with name and logo to be displayed at the meetup

3 - Live stream the meetup and share on social media ( #KennDoesToronto #ZENTastic )

4 - Up to a 15 minute presentation at meetup

5 - One edited video recap with links to ZEN

6 - One blog post with pictures and links to ZEN

We also felt like we should use this exposure to a new audience as an opportunity to distribute ZEN to everyone who opens a new wallet.

In prior campaigns we had people post their screenshots and QRs to our Decentralized Art Show FB page or the Meetup group to receive ZEN…

This time we could ask everyone to share on Twitter with the hashtag #KennDoesToronto or #ZenTastic - - -thoughts??


Excellent! Thank you very much for your answers. We agree with all deliverables.

From my point of view it’s a great idea to ask people to share hashtags ##zencash, #ZenTastic and #KennDoesToronto on Twitter.

Also everyone who opens a new wallet can get a very small amount of ZEN if s/he registers on this webpage https://getzen.cash and fill her/his new address.

This proposal is approved. We’re looking forward to seeing many #ZenTastic hashtages and excited new members of our community!

Best regards
Community Project Manager of ZenCash


Yayy - - We’re all happy to have this support from ZenCash for our meetup!

Here is our ZEN address for payment:


Thank you!


This proposal was FINISHED.

The outputs of MEETUP (social media promotion and livestream record) were personally checked by Kamila, Community Project Manager of ZenCash. All conditions connected with this proposal were met.

The payment was sent on 2018/06/22. Transaction confirmation link: https://explorer.zensystem.io/tx/20c9ea268ebe411b333ec6c7e51ff6ebec2aa878bbecadbfc0f9abcfe99e7597

Many thanks to all people who dedicated their time for realization of this proposal idea, special thanks to @Itsmee.Bosslady, the owner of this proposal👍

Community Project Manger of ZenCash