[Proposal]90 Day Experiment - Evolution of the Cryptonation #GenZEN


Please see the official proposal here

We want to take our meetups and Decentralized Art Shows to the next level by engaging our audience in a more actionable and measureable way…

The adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrency can’t happen fast enough, and we want to see more adoption - - $NOW

Our data tells us that a grassroots campaign by community leaders, with organized support from global technology incubators will spark the next boom in our economy, leading to an explosion of innovations that increase the ease of use for ZENCASH and other cryptos.

Our 60 second videos will focus on the discoveries made by our younger community members, and they will also be the guests and co-hosts of the weekly podcasts.


Hi @Itsmee.Bosslady,

nice to “see you” again😄.

We will review your proposal as soon as we can. Please, give me time😉

Have a successful day and enjoy the summer☀️

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Heyy Kamila, it’s always good to see you around here too lol :smile:

Look forward to hearing back from ya, thanksss!

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