Private Key Secure Note



I couldnt find something about it, so I ask.
You have to drop around 1 Zencash into the Secure Node for activation purposes.
Do I ever get the Zencash out in case I decide to stop the node?

I would need the private key of the node or make the node transfer it. but how?
cheers hans


Hello Hans,

You can send them back to your swing wallet with the following command:

zen-cli z_sendmany “Z_ADDR” “[{“amount”: 1.2499, “address”: “T_ADDR”}]”

Replace Z_ADDR with the nodes z address and T_ADDR with the t address of your wallet and of course the amount. In this case it’s 1.25 minus 0.001 transaction fee. After a minute or two you can check the results with:

zen-cli z_getoperationresult




using this thread as it is close to what I would like to know.
In the guide it says: “Do not send real ZEN to the node!”
Therefore I haven’t send any zen to my node yet… seeing that it is possible to send them back I would like to go forward and challenge my node.

I figure this warning in the guide is only for the testnet node?


Hello Sebastian,

this also applies to the mainnet node. Your node has a T address as well as a Z address. Send 5 transactions of 0.25 real ZEN to the Z address of your node but do not send 42 zen to the T address. Just generate a new T address in your swing wallet and send 42 zen to it and enter this T address as staking address when you setup the node.



I tried to do as you pointed, but I got this as result:

error: Error parsing JSON:“[{“amount”:

what am I doing wrong?


The command above is wrong:

The right command is:
zen-cli z_sendmany ‘node.adress’ ‘[{“address”: “t_adress”, “amount”: 0.5}]’

Update: I stand corrected:

zen-cli z_sendmany ‘node adress’ ‘[{“address”: “t_adress”, “amount”: 0.95}]’

some how there is a difference between both, but i cant make them out.


I still get the same error… so far my zen is stuck in the node :slightly_frowning_face:


zen-cli z_sendmany “FROM_ZEN_ADDR” “[{“amount”: 0.25, “address”: “TO_ZEN_ADDR”}]”
this works


This doesn’t work neither, for me. Maybe I am doing something wrong, no idea of what, though.

Anyway, I solved by exporting the private key of the z_address and importing in my swing wallet. For those interested, the command is:

zen-cli z_exportkey “ADDRESS”


Is there a way to query what the z-address for the node is?


zen-cli z_listaddresses


HI,I made the command correct, and it works for me:
zen-cli z_sendmany ‘addr’ ‘[{“address”: “addr”, “amount”: 42.07}]’

Be sure the json is in ‘’ and outside is ’