NEW VERSION ! - MININGPOOLS.CLOUD - ZENCASH.CLOUD - dedicated, reliable and secure cluster pool to mine ZEN


We are proud to announce new pool

What’s new?
Well, to summarize we have:

  • Unified all pools under unique new BRAND - -, here you can choose your pools and take a look on stats before mining, or you can continue to use
  • We have rewrite node stratum with new api, scalability to support many future algos ( We will support many coins now! Cool ) and have complete rewrite our beautiful layout with our unique design
  • We have used all last languages technology ( angular,, LEMP, redis, d3, memcached etc… ) to create the first real-time pool ever made before
  • We have add realtime workers details with graphs about payments and earning with graph of realtime difficulty of workers
  • We have add realtime pool statistics with automatic calculation of LUCK pool in 48 hours avg
  • We have add realtime price fluctuations at top of page, you can check what coins is most profitable!
  • We have add realtime ping to check uplink stratum servers around the world
  • We have fix some minor bugs
  • We have increase DDOS protection and security on all our servers.

_OK what do you want to develop yet ? _

  • We are working on our beautiful App, the first unique App for checking miners of all pools under new brand

_ If ZEN grow up soon ? _

  • We have many ideas that we want implement and for this reasons we will open bounties to all devs to help us with our future vision …

Join our new pool, support our development with your mining and please let us know what you think about our new pool version