Need some help with Secure Node win10



Just bought 42 Zencoin so l can run a node.
But l think setting up a secure node it damn complicated.

l have looked on few tutorials on youtube… but many of them is on Linux OS :confused:

Right now l have the Zencash Desktop wallet UI 0.74.2

Any help is appreciated.


Hello @00Andre. Running a node (secure or not) requires some level of technical knowledge. Let me know what your goals are and I will be happy to assist.


Hello AndreasG!

Well… l would be pleased if l could get help just for setting up one node and maybe two.

The only think l know is that i need a VPN adresse strong enough so l can run two nodes.


Hi 00Andre,

The hardware requirements are:

  1. Server with dual or quad processor (VPS or dedicated server)
  2. 64bit operating system (ex: Ubuntu 16.04 Linux)
  3. 4GB Ram minimum (8GB recommended)
  4. 250GB hard drive space minimum (SSD drive recommended)
  5. Static IP address (IPv4 or IPv6 or both)

You will also need:

  1. Domain name (ex:
  2. TLS Certificate

Start by selecting a server setup at your favorite server hosting company using items 1-5 as a guideline.

Then register a domain name at your favorite domain name registrar, item 6.

Once we have the above in place we can start the setup of the node which includes item 7.

Is the above process something you are familiar with? If the answer is yes, then simply get a VPS with the above specs and we can start the setup.

If the answer is no, then we need to take it a step back and talk about a different approach towards your goal.



Hello !
Thanks alot.
l have fund a site where an VPN adresse cost 40$ for one year, gonna buy that here Friday :wink:

But I can see that alot of people using powerful hardware to mine Zencash that l dont have.
What will my profit be if l run two masternodes on a VPN for a month ect ?
A masternode will bring 0.55 zencash a day is that right ?

Thanks again.


on item #4, you stated that the HDD space should be 250GB minimum. I see a lot of people set up on VPS using 20-25GB capacities. Can you offer any explanation for this difference between what devs set as required and what everyone seems to using? Thanks


@00Andre, a VPN is not required to run a node. You need a server to run a node. Server options are either VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated server. Please send a link of the setup you are looking to rent.



Hi @LDVinci,

You can start a node with 20-25 GB but you will definitely need more space as the blockchain grows. The 250GB will be enough to run the server for a few years without having to worry about space for the node, server utilities, the log files and whatever else you may want to install.




Found this

Should be very cheap.

What do you think ?

And again what would i like make a month with 2 nodes ? Can find any Information about that …


The VPS servers you found look good.

Please read this interview. It will explain everything.

There are currently ~2 220 000 ZEN with ~216 000 being mined every month.
3.5% of all mined ZEN are redirected to a secure node reward.
That results into 7560 ZEN per month.
If there are 1000 secure nodes, each gets 7.560 ZEN per month.
If there are 2000 secure nodes, each gets 3.780 ZEN per month.


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you can monitor nodes and estimate earnings here:

currently it says 0.13 daily, then with 2 nodes you should be able to make 216 usd at current price.