Mining Difficulty Increased?


Hello guys,

When I check the difficulty for zencash it looks like its been the same since start but just a week ago I was mining 1 zen per each 1080ti card a day. Today I can barely get 2 coins with three 1080ti. Im mining on supernova pool with 2200 sol/s.

What is the reason for this?


Believe its the pool. Suprnova has been having glitches it seems with hashrates reporting on a couple users or an internal problem. If you watch multiple times a day 2-3 different usernames will pop up with over 500 kh/s of power up to 3.5 gh/s of power and stay on the pool for minutes to almost an hour then just leave completely or drop to 30 kh/s. I have noticed the same problem from getting 15+ coins per day to little amounts now. Also the block times of zencash have been very weird with some block times reaching 20+ minutes.