Lost Zen Please Help


@Blockops @kendrick @lvanhaes
Guys If you could get me through this I would be very happy.


Which OS your running ? Use the Swing Wallet, Eleos is going to be discontinued. Give the swing wallet a try with a fresh installation


I will recommend swing wallet. make sure you have your old wallet.dat backup so you can pull back the wallet address within the .dat file. Sync the zencash blockchain and you’re good!


@bytez @rocket
Thanks for your advice.

I’m on an iMac.

Can I ask when I download the swing wallet, where do I place my wallet.dat file from the eleos wallet?
Or, how do I pull back the wallet address within the wallet.dat file?

Which program can I use to open the file? Mac won’t let me open the file.

Sorry if these questions seem stupid. I need to recover these coins and I need someone to ELI5 me how to do it.

I’m going to download swing and see if I can get it working. All I know is the coins are in this eleos wallet and I would like to get them out.

Thanks for taking the time to help.


Take note that , mac wallet.dat and windows wallet.dat are non identical, cannot be replaced.

you should check inside the following path (if you have old wallet file) :
on the menu, select GO > GO TO FOLDER…
~/Library/application support

Look for eleos/zencash folder, extract your wallet.dat file and backup (make sure this is your old wallet file) before u install the swing wallet. copy and backup this wallet file.

Make sure your wallet.dat is backup before you uninstall.

Next, uninstall your eleos wallet. either move to bin or go to
~/Library/application support
and remove zencash folder / eleos folder

After uninstall, install the new swing wallet.

on the menu, select GO > GO TO FOLDER…
~/Library/application support
look for zencash folder and replace the wallet.dat that you’ve backup into the folder

sync the blockchain

Link to swing wallet : https://github.com/vaklinov/zencash-swing-wallet-ui/releases/download/0.71.4/ZENCashWallet-0.71.4a.dmg

Hope this helps.


Hey @bytez,

Thanks heaps for the help.

I was super excited when I read your mail but ran into trouble.

Ok so, I’ve followed your instructions up until installing the swing wallet.

But when I did this next step.
on the menu, select GO > GO TO FOLDER…
~/Library/application support
There was only a file called ZcashParams with 2 files inside: sprout proving .key and sprout verifying.key and no wallet.dat file??

Is this correct or have a done something wrong?

If I just drag the wallet.dat file over to the ZcashParams file would that work?

I will be eagerly awaiting your reply.



Under application support there should be a few folders right ? Try look into zcashparam / or any zen folder around? The wallet.dat file should be inside. Otherwise you can do a search on wallet.dat

No, you dont’t drag, you just look for the old wallet file first


Ok. I have the old wallet.dat file in 3 locations.

Where I’m confused is there is no wallet.dat file in the ZcashParams folder to replace with the old wallet.dat file. And I can’t see any other folder for zen.

I moved the original Zen folder and the Eleos folder to trash like you explained in your uninstall step.

Should I put the Zen folder from trash back into the application support folder?

Apologies @bytez if I get the coins back I will send you one.

I just don’t want to mess this up.


I tried to run the swing wallet and I’m getting a general unexpected error.
"Couldn’t connect to server: unknown (code -1)
Make sure server is running and you are connected to the correct RPC port)
God damn it!!


Mine to tell me where are the 3 locations?
If you found the wallet.dat file in your zencash folder then it’s fine


Hey @bytez

I’ve deleted all files from application support relating to Zen cash and I’m reinstalling the swing wallet.

There wasn’t a wallet.dat file in the ZcashParams folder only in the old Zen folder that I got rid of.

That is why I got stuck with your directions.


Downloading proving key now.


I’ve been trying to figure this out for days in between going to work and it’s just hard when I don’t know what I’m doing. Just relying on some help from you guys.


Ok so the wallet has actually opened!!

OMG this could be it!!! I just have to replace the wallet.dat file now and sync and hopefully the coins will show up.

Give me your address and I’ll send you one for helping if they are there.


So if I take the new wallet.dat file and put it in the bin and replace it with the original wallet.dat file I should be partying like it’s 1969??


Yes since you have 3 wallet.dat
You gotta replace / open / check / close
Repeat the process

(Gotta sync the blockchain first)
Let me know if it works :slight_smile:


Almost synced 94% now.

Should I put each wallet .dat file in the big as I replace them if nothing is showing up?


Sorry I meant to say bin.

Nightmare scenario now would be to check all files and for nothing to show up.

I’m nervous.


Since you have 3 different wallet.dat
Yes replace only if you didn’t see your amount

~/Library/application support/zencash
Do replace in zencash folder with the existing wallet.dat file
Don’t have to place it to the bin
Keep those backup first


Ok 100% sync status and no coins.

So now just to be 100% correct that I’m doing the right thing.

Quit wallet
replace wallet.dat file
open wallet