Issue when sending funds to Masternode in swing wallet


I am trying to send funds from my swing wallet to my Masternode. When i send the first .1 zencash it empties the wallet address and sends it to another address in the swing wallet. Example transaction below:

I have tried creating new addresses and the same thing happens. I created my first masternode with no issues and the funds sent as expected. Has anyone seen this issue or can provide guidance?

Thanks in advance.


Research is telling me this is a “change address” feature… however doing this i am unable to continually fund the securenode. I am trying to keep 42 coins per address… but it empties one wallet and combines it on top of another wallet. so the address i orginally sent from to the securenode goes empty… another address I had queued up for another securenode now has 84 coins in it and the original has zero… How to i get that address to send the coin, without the change address feature or whatever, so that the address keeps the coin so I can have multiple securenodes…Help!


I wouldn’t recommend keeping your 42 ZEN in your node, you’re safer keeping them in transparent address in either Swing or Arizen on a local computer. If you’re particularly security conscious, you could even keep them offline in cold storage via a paper wallet.

Whatever way you decide to go, your securenode needs to know where your funds are so that it can confirm that you’re consistently in compliance with the 42 coin requirement.

Also, don’t forget to send 5 small transactions to your nodes private address to pay for creation of shielded transactions.


When you send funds from a T address, the “chnage” (remaining funds) are sent to another T address in the same wallet, so that the transaction input(s) are fully spent. This fetaure comes from the ZEN core/node… the GUI wallet just uses it.