Is it worth it to setup node now before Secure Nodes are release?


Is it worth it to set them up now? Do nodes even provide a payout for clients to host the node on a VPS right now? Cause it seems like I should just wait till Secure Nodes to start working on them.

Any info would be appreciated.


You’d be helping support the ZenCash network and ecosystem :slight_smile:

But, no, you won’t be compensated for running the secure node right now. The tracking system should go live in about 4 weeks, after which secure node operators will start receiving subsidies.


ah ok, well then, I can start working on setting up the nodes then.

Could one of the developers implement a script to run to grab all the security protocols or give us “not as technically sound” people a guide to follow on which security tools we should be installing into the new secure nodes?


That’s definitely something on the to-do list before launching; appreciate the suggestion and the support.