IP Address already registered



today I setup a secure node but after a few hours the server somehow crashed so I had to start from scratch. The previous node is still showing up on the SecNode tracking site. Once I start the securenode tracker on the new installation I get an error message that the IP address is already registered. But it’s the same server with the same hostname and I just had to reinstall it. How can I solve the issue?

Thanks for your help!




I am in a similar situation to you. I would like to know if the old node will get unregistered on the tracking website after being offline for a certain amount of time? Or will I need to use a new IP address for my node to register again?



Hello Nick,

My node has been removed from the tracking website. At first it was shown as down and after a days it switched to inactive and was finally de-listed. So there is no need to get a new IP address.



Hi, on my side it’s going to be 20 days… still showing !


Hi, same issue on my side. I can’t see my IP on https://securenodes.eu.zensystem.io/ but when I am trying to execute “node app.js” I get IP Address already registered.