Introducing Myself


Hi, just want to add a bit of presentation to the forum. I am a very active cryptocurrency advocate and I work with many different cryptocurrencies. I am very active and also love to contribute to open communities. I am a developer but my skills are moderate, I also have done marketing with a team of enthusiasts.

Besides that I have contribute to coins such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, NXT and others. Finally I try to derive efforts that provide a good to to the world and to the projects. I have been a long time FLOSS advocate and contributor to software such as and LibreOffice as well as other popular projects.

I am happy to be here and also contribute my efforts to the improvement of the currency.

You can find me on Telegram as @jzarecta and discord as well.


@JZA awesome to see you on here, thanks for being such a strong supporter of the project. Looking forward to working with you more in the futureā€¦


Thanks been learning a lot of the zencash ecosystem, its blog and other conversations, I hope I can produce some original ideas helpful to the community.


awesome, looking forward to working with you.