Inconsistent hashrate



My rig consists of 2 x R9 290X and 1 x 280X. I’m mining with Claymore’s ZCash AMD GPU Miner v12.5 on Debian GNU/Linux. I’m getting those numbers:

ZEC: GPU0 334.327 H/s, GPU1 295.035 H/s

GPU0 is a 290X, GPU1 is a 280X. Comparing their firepower I’d have expected much more H/s with 290X than with 280X… any explanation to this behavior ?


@Blockops any guesses?


where’s GPU2? There’s a whole lot of stuff that goes into using Claymore. It’s not a ZEN thing, it’s a pool, claymore, driver, and GPU thing.


I only pasted GPU0 et 1 results, GPU2 is a badly cooled 290X which overheats at 93 degrees all the time and thus maxes at 250H/s. It’s just that in comparison with some numbers I’ve seen here and there, the 280X does very well, whereas the 290X seems to underperform, while it had a very good hashrate when mining eth…
Thanks for the reply nevertheless :slight_smile: