*** Ideas Bucket ***


If you have good ideas or thoughts about how to improve ZenCash system, post em here so others can take them in consideration. This pre-proposal ideas, maybe can show path for future proposal and maybe can speed up whole proces. Everything goes, Development, Marketing, Menagment or something completly new.

Those ideas does not need necessarily to lead to proposal but can be used as inspiration for improvements, or can be in forms of feedback from the system. Post your opinions what should be changed and why, but be precise and provide details.


Hello, I have a marketing idea.
Most of the crypto community is gathered on reddit, chans, various messaging platforms. The cool way for new people to know about a project is to create an infographic/comaprison chart that can easilly be shared in those places.

Why? You can have the best tech in the world, but don’t expect everyone to read whitepaper or even one, two page summary. Nice graphics are easier to remember and share.


What do you think? :slight_smile:


@unit i agree with you , info-graphics are the way to go , and a simple way to digest information. It’s been in the radar of the marketing team for a while. Hopefully we should see some effort in that area in this next following months.


An official wiki or guide with multiple contributors /videos for several zen related tasks. For example

On another note, I think wallet design like this would be nice and instill confidence :


Ok I have a few more ideas that are wallet specific:

  1. Having two different Zen wallets is confusing… I think it’d be good to have a single desktop wallet to work with (focus design and functionality in one place)
  2. Why is encryption disabled in Swing wallet? Isn’t the wallet.dat a vulnerability left unencrypted?
  3. Creating a new address every time funds are sent is confusing - It would be nice to be able to turn off that functionality somehow
  4. It would be nice to be able to give personal aliases to addresses

thanks! -min

  1. Actually community recognized this as good initiative, more different wallets for different uses and different users.
  2. Swing Wallet
    Limitation: Wallet encryption has been temporarily disabled in ZENCash due to stability problems. A corresponding issue #1552 has been opened by the ZCash developers. Correspondingly wallet encryption has been temporarily disabled in the ZENCash Desktop GUI Wallet. The latter needs to be disabled.
    Arizen is light wallet does not need to download full blockchain, supports wallet encryption and more…
    Both wallets are very stable
  3. Address reuse refers to the use of the same address for multiple transactions. It is an unintended practice, abusing the privacy and security of the participants of the transactions as well as future holders of their value. It also only functions by accident, not by design, so cannot be depended on to work reliably.
  4. Will see if this is possible, then we’ll talk.


I’m not sure how the name “ZenCash” was decided on, but I think from a marketing perspective, it would be cool to use that concept to instill confidence in this particular blockchain. It’s probably a bit cheesy, but maybe something along the lines of “A Worryfree CryptoCurrency”. Just my two cents!


Just “Zen” would really be a better marketing choice… but i think marketing is really one of the weakest things in the project…(i invested in zen in august and that´s what i´ve noticed since)…

“ZenCash”… it´s a platform, don´t sell it like “cash”… Also, it´s not a simple zCash fork… don´t make it sound like it is…


100% agree. Better marketing needs to be done and i like ZEN a lot more then ZenCash… the “cash” part… not a fan :stuck_out_tongue:


Zencash should invest more in marketing. Change from zencash to zen is also good idea.


@amstrad/ggno/godfather This is what I wrote in the Slack’s marketing channel one month ago :

"I find and I have always found so regretting that the word “cash” is part of the name of this project while the “Zen system” is much more than a simple way to send digital cash, it reduces a lot the visibility of the project from a marketing standpoint.

Not only that but its similarity with the name “Zcash” makes the project to not look like a brand new, original and innovative project. It rather makes it to look like an alternative version of Zcash with perhaps some improvements…

For these reasons, I believe that from a marketing standpoint this name is an important handicap for the project.

I would like to know if you guys would actually be open to the possibility of changing the name of the project, aknowledging that the logo will be changed soon, secure nodes are about to go to mainnet, new website etc… ? It may be now or never to consider this question.

I also believe that changing the name at the same time as the logo is being changed would have a great impact on the market (remember Antshares/Neo for exemple)."

But at the time nobody seemed to really care about what I said, and when I pointed out that fact Blockops told me that it takes time to think about these kind of things however the team doesn’t exclude changing the name subsequently (why subsequently and not now ? This is so important !).
At least, even if the name wasn’t going to be changed, I would have liked to have some words from the team on this subject, to know why they consider the name “Zencash” as being such a relevant name, which didn’t happen.

By the way I proposed two other names :

  • ZenStealth : I believe that it sounds great, it implies that it’s a multipurpose system (i.e. Zensystem but I consider that this one doesn’t sound very well), we would finally be seen as being a really original, innovative project going its own way and stop being seen as Zcash’s little brother.
  • ZenPrivacy : This one may sound basic, however I find it clean, efficient.The underlying message is : “The first system making it easy for you to benefit from a real privacy”.

Maybe if more people make their voice being heard about this subject this option will be considered more seriously by the team.


Yep, It´s sad to see ** we are back to the second page of coinmarketcap**… i can´t explain how strange that looks even for a Bittrex listed coin, and even after all the Palm Beach pick hype in November i though zen would move to top50…

Having someone in the team that is a good branding designer would really help because anyone can clearly see the flaws in design, marketing, frontend, website, UX, etc despite the awesome tech behind the project…

There´s tones of privacy coins this days around, and probably just a few will survive… Zen is more than a coin, it´s a platform… but seems most people still think of it as the litecoin of zcash… hope things in the branding and marketing side improve or zen will be just like many of those good privacy coins that focus just in the tech part…


I agree with your msg 100%.


100% agree with @Edalexx

I tried help, suggest few things about marketing on bitcointalk, i sent email to the team with suggestion (no answer), and now i try help (my first proposal where i offer 3 months work)… without good marketing, without vision, feeling like marketers zencash will die :frowning: There are too many coins so without very active marketing it is impossible to be successfull on this market.
If zencash team do not know how to make marketing, how to help bring value, people, traffic… then we can help. I think many people will help, spend their time to build zencash as one of the most popular coin with interesting platform for many other things. Tech without marketing is too small nowadays :frowning:

I hope zencash team will stop sleep and move marketing to no 1, the most important thing for next 6-12 months.



No offense, but I wouldn’t pay a cent for your “marketing”. It is clear that English is not your first language and when it comes to marketing anything, communication is key. If you cannot properly communicate in English (or any other language), then you would be doing more harm than good.


yes, english is not my native language but it isn’t a problem because i will hire many different people (native english speakers also). Second thing - for such marketing you don’t need to write essays. Authority and beautiful english is in PBC report and this is main thing here. For creating many accounts, search fb groups, blogs etc and then write short suggestions, questions etc you do not need to be Sheakspir. You have to have tools, be smart and work hard few months to reach hundrets of such places (everybody know fb groups where are 20-50k people and nobody even talk about zencash there… Why? Why not change it?)

For me it is not problem because i have other work… also other coins, but i see there is no marketing., no ideas how such great oportunity like PBC suggestion about zencash can be used (it is the only reason that now the price is $27 not $10 so smart team should use it to bring much more people to zencash). Really i don’t understand why there is no marketing based on PBC suggestion.

For me it isn’t a problem if zencash tem will not agree on my proposal… but it is really stupid not to use such great oportunity. Almost all coins reach the best prices and zencash during the most important period since 1, 2 months (secure nodes) don’t move. Isn’t it strange? For me no because i know that without marketing it is not possible to be succesfull. Zencash has one of the best tech and support but almost no marketing :frowning: I write here, spend my time because i really care about zencash and only would like to help.


@Edalexx Edalexx Posted this on reddit and i’ll post here as well. Hi everyone! I LOVE that the zen community is so passionate. I’d like to address a few concerns regarding the name and propose an interim solution.

I suggest holding off on any name change now as it could be dangerous. We are barely getting our name out there and changing our name now can be risky especially with so much going on now. We can revisit in a year with a major marketing campaign and a ‘hard’ rebranding led by a specialized firm. The only reason we are redoing the logo now is because we do not have ownership of the current logo.

Zen System is platform composed of ZenCash for transactions, ZenChat for communications, ZenHub for publishing, and ZehHide for domain fronting… and many other features to come. Zen is an ecosystem.

ZenCash is our currency and the base blockchain. Perhaps we can evaluate how we promote our different features

Why can’t we be just “Zen”
Response: We like just “Zen” too, that is why we secured our ticker symbol “ZEN” The project can’t be just “Zen” because Zen is a school of buddhism. One of our founders, Rob Viglione, chose the name “Zen” to keep our roots with ZClassic with the letter “Z” and to encompass our beliefs of voluntarism, individuality, and freedom. We focused on ZenCash because it’s a major feature of our ecosystem and to help with SEO.

We should change our name now since we are doing a rebranding.

Response: I’d highly recommend against chaining our name now. We are just making deep traction. As others mentioned in this post, we are associated with Zen System already (website, reddit).

Stealth: as someone else posted, ‘stealth’ is just one feature of the project. It’s the same logic against using ZenCash.


@rebel I appreciate your enthusiasm and we welcome anyone around the world. Join our #marketing channel and post your proposals there too :slight_smile:. The team has been on the road promoting Zen. Are you a graphic designer? We need one!

We are addressing marketing the following way:

  1. Re-doing the website (content plus structure; it will include a visual roadmap),
  2. Social Media graphics are ongoing and will continue,
  3. Advertisement for a) crypto newbies in FB and b) crypto experts in various channels,
  4. Secure Nodes campaign: you’ve probably seen our twitter posts? I think the campaign is cool. We will match it up with actual advertisement. Also we are doing a public release with Wachsman PR.
  5. We are promoting a grassroots individual to manage and create the “grassroots” effort (meme, articles, reddit, etc.)
  6. Every time we get listed on an Exchange we will do: interviews, airdrops, special campaign,(edited)
  7. Campaign for major release of features to include: graphics, blog posts, press release, advertisements, social media posts.
  8. Holiday campaign: charity giveaway and music competition, announced on twitter, fb, reddit.


I am not graphic designer but i can make logo similar like you have here, blogs, forum, page like now is here in half day :slight_smile: But i am not interested to be your graphic designer, i have my work and i only suggest few things which really help zencash. Marketing is main problem here,thats why i spend my time and try to change your (zencash team) attitude for marketing.

Change logo, colours or changing some parts of webpage isn’t really so much important and don’t bring new people, much value to this coin. So i will not waste my time for such things (nice logo can be made/order by fiverr for $5 so no need weeks to change it).

You wrote about marketing… and this is why i write here - all these steps from 1 to 8 = inactive marketing. Article on your blog, your fb or inforgraphic in your topic on bitcointalk etc will not bring investors here or very small amount. Social Media graphic are great but effective if you share such graphics, infographics, meme everywhere (not only on your profiles)…
You have to be much more active and aggresive - then zencash will be more popular and the price for zencash will go up. You can see views on this forum, almost no views = nobody care/nobody see this. The same situation with zencash as a coin, small amount of people know that zencash is really interesting and have few interesting goals… but i see few members here care more about it then the team. It is not good sign :frowning: I hope you will change something, maybe hire few freelancers and give them 8 hours a day work (share pbc report about zencash, share content, info where are people)


@rebel. I’ll review your post carefully. I want to immediately respond, PBC is a proprietary report, meaning we cannot legally share it.