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Hi community, i am Fuseini Alhassan from Ghana West Africa known as cryptoeye on Zencash discord, reddit and forum. I am submitting my idea which is base on how to promote Zencash through Media, conferences and seminars to embark on Zencash road show in my country Ghana.
Ghana is a relatively large country with an estimated population of over 27 million people. The youth plays a major role in the development of any country. Unfortunately, there is a continues increase in graduate unemployment in the country giving students the need to leverage available opportunities against the web of unemployment hence students take keen interest in speculative returns in ZenCash towards accumulating capital to start businesses after school. The good news is that, most students in Ghana are involved in mini-importation such as smart phones, laptops and accessories. Most of these students have over the years resorted to Bitcoin for online shopping. However, Bitcoin transaction fee and confirmation time have most of them seeking better alternatives as bank payments is also very expensive process. This thus, provides an appropriate platform to actually promote ZenCash through the youth who are mostly in the Universities.
Summary of the Idea
Education-based marketing is probably the most effective method to advertise a new product. This project is therefore focused on bringing innovative ideas from undergraduate and postgraduate students in Ghanaian Universities based on their knowledge in marketing, technology, journalism, finance,accounting,communication etc. Our target is to organize workshops/conferences and seminars in all 5 selected Universities to educate and practically train students and lecturers for massive adoption and usage of ZenCash as a medium of exchange and all the benefits and advantages of using ZenCash against any other cryptocurrency. The workshops/conferences shall be open to all interested persons including CEOs of businesses, investors, the media (Radio, online & print) and the general public at large. The project will see two meet ups/training, a 30 minute radio discussion program, a meeting with the Student Representative Council (SRC), establishment of merchant centers, and creating online platforms in all the 5 selected Universities. Each of these meet ups are expected to record at least 100 participants whereas the radio discussions will be heard by about 40,000 people with phone in sessions for questions and answers. ZenCash tokens will be given to participants at each campus and listeners who phone in and answer questions during the radio programs. The motivation behind this project is to promote ZenCash through education and marketing for massive adoption and usage in Ghana and Africa at large.
If the community sees the idea to be more appealing, a proposal base on the idea will be submitted to the community. Please comment and share your thoughts.
Email : [email protected]m
Thank you.

Merchant Outreach & Brand Awareness Campaign

Hi @Cryptoeye,

Thank you very much for sharing your idea with us, it is awesome! :wink:I have already contacted our Business Development Department and ask them for their decisions. I believe that their feedback will be positive. Please give me some time and I give you a feedback as soon as I can and then we can discuss more details.

Thank you and have a successful day🙂

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of ZenCash


I see a lot of value in this type of educational campaign as well - hope to see more like it!
:+1: #GenZen


Thanks @Kamila and itsmee for your corncen. Really waiting to see more discussion on how to promote zencash.


@Kamila, this was just the idea but a proposal based on that idea will be submitted to the community with the butget and how its going to be executed.


Hello @Cryptoeye,

thank you very much. It sounds awesome! We’re going to discuss your idea in next days so I think I’ll contact you very soon.

I’m so happy to have you in our community! I can’t wait to meet community in West Africa!

Have a beautiful day😉


Thanks very much @Kamila will be waiting for the feedback.


@Cryptoeye Would it be possible to briefly chat on Discord please? My nickname is @Tigger.
Thank you! :blush:



I have reply to your message @Kamila on discord


I’m working on a similar proposal to do over the summer…My friends and I are hosting meetups/cryptoart shows at coworking spaces, incubators, etc…
We teach people how to use a wallet and the basics of transacting in crypto.