How to use ZenCash over Tor


Check out our Tor node homepages to make your ZenCash user experience even more private and secure:

#2 Instructions to run a node for tor :slight_smile: So far we have 5 nodes ran by 3 people (including me) If you are interested in running one; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO SO!! Centralization is bad!


This was such a great idea @aayanl thanks so much for getting this out to the community!


I been kind wondering how to set up a node, but I have NO idea or know anything about it… Anyone willing to kinda either email me or something? I really am interested in learning!!!


hey @turner111 apologies for the slow response here, but if it’s just running a node, then get the Swing wallet or any other ZenCash client running on your computer. To be added to the cool global map @anarch3 built ( you need to manually append your zen.conf file to include:

if you’re looking to set up a secure node that qualifies for compensation, then @blockops has a three-part video tutorial series started with 2 of the 3 videos completed…the 3rd will be available when the secure node tracking system and remaining blockchain work are complete ~1-2 weeks from now.

Here’s the first of those videos:

Also, a great place to get real-time help from the community is in the #securenodes channel on Slack.


I was looking into setting up a secure node! I am wondering what hardware I would need, can I set one up on a miner or do I need to have a separate machine? The late response it totally cool, I was in Atlanta for DragonCon having a blast. But I main question is just hardware, I can read and figure out step by step guides!


ah too bad, if we’d known you were Atlanta, maybe @blockops could have given you a tour of his mining facility and walked you through the secure node setup :slight_smile:


I have friends and family that live in Cobb County. I myself grew up in Cobb county, and ATL has been my home to heart. Currently I am in Orlando for Diesel/Automotive. I finish next April and moving back between then and July. I will be up at the end of the month for a friend wedding.I will be moving back up to Atlanta after I finish school. I went to the wrong field… but I am close to being done, so sense of wasting the education I already gained. It took me 3 months to decide what and who I was going to support, and that’s Zencash! I do not know enough, but I know enough to build a windows mining rig… :frowning: When I finish school, ( 6 months ) and land a job ( wont be hard ) I plan on taking out my savings and dumping it into a bigger mining farm/support Zencash!
I didn’t know the extent of how detailed making a securenode really was. Was pretty difficult to look up info ( I seriously have no knowledge in this aspect ) even with BlockOps guide.(Im a deer staring into headlights) Its a solid guide, but I just gotta learn to be able to code/ write it.
I would love to see a tour!!! I know this stuff is super sensitive and all so if not a option I’d understand!
Might be going back to ATL soon due to Irma.


hey awesome to hear the support for ZenCash :slight_smile:

Love this community!


Hi @aayanl, I’d like start a secure node over TOR than I’ll use your guide and the guide of BlockOP in order to build the complete system.
I’ld like see in your guide when I have to transfer to the node wallet the amount of zen coin to be rewarded for each transaction and If we need install SSL certificate over TOR.


a bit late, but for the new members look here: How to run ZenCash in Tor only mode in just a few minutes!