How To Solo Mine


How can I solo mine zen cash?


One way is to set up your own Z-nomp mining pool and point your own mining rigs at it.


Thanks,:grin: but I have no clue how to use this. My noob level is over 9000. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I am willing to learn if you know of a good how to for noobs.


I used to run my own pool but it was too much to keep up wtih. I think you would be better off joining a pool.


Equihash SOLO “POOLS”

Zencash | Zclassic | Hush | BitcoinZ | VoteCoin

  • Anonymous mining
  • Full stratum support
  • Efficient mining engine
  • Payouts are made automatically every 4 hours
  • Server in EU
  • Low 1% fee
  • Workers statistics - monitor each rig separately
  • Compatible with Nicehash & MiningRigRentals

User: YourWallet or YourWallet.WorkerName
Password:* x


Norm Diff - port 3057
High Diff - port 3060

Norm Diff - port 5057
High Diff - port 5060

Norm Diff - port 4057
High Diff - port 4060

BTCZ (BitcoinZ)
Norm Diff - port 7057
High Diff - port 7060

VOT (VoteCoin)
Norm Diff - port 8057
High Diff - port 8060

support: zsolobid at