How to replace Z-addr with T-addr in swingWallet?

  1. I get an error when trying to send from Z-addr to T-addr.

  2. console error screen. and zend died.

  3. after Zend restart, error screen.

  4. 3 continues to appear


is it possible you have less than 4GB of memory available on your system? It needs about 4GB to calculate a zk-snark


Yes, I can currently use 5G of 8G memory, and I have also assigned 16GB of virtual memory.
However, it is the same.


My Computer specs
OS: Windows 10 64bit
Memory: 8G
Virtual Memory: 16G

I would like to thank you for anyone to try and tell you what the problem is.


I reduced the amount to 0.5, something seemed to be going on and another error occurred.

It still does not work out. Somebody help me.