Error - IP Already registered


I have a error when I am trying to connect my node: IP already registered.
My node has been down and inactive and I can’t see it on the tracker.
Could you please remove my IP ?


Are you using a VPS?

I’m personally using Linode and what happened to me was the IP address I was assigned had previously been assigned to someone else in the network who used it to register a securenode. I ended up just requesting the Linode team replace my IPV4 with a new one and re-registered (it took about 3 days).

In the meantime, I used the IPV6 address with a AAAA DNS record then registered with that so there was no collision.


Thank you for answering. I am using a VPS but with on OVH and I can’t change the static IP. I haven’t tried to switch on the IPV6, I will try this workaround.