Cryptopia wallet locked up?


So from what I gather, some guy complained in the Cryptopia exchange forum, said his wallet showed 30 Zen cash coins but would not let him withdraw. So they locked the wallet pending investigation?

I have had no problems with the exchange wallet until now! From what I see, the guy who complained probably had those coins on the books (open orders) and tried to withdraw some coins without canceling the order/s. Then some equally dense support guy locked up the wallet? (could be wrong) .

Is there someone who can have a chat with Crypt support and straighten this sht out or should I dump my Zen Cash and find another exchange?

This is not a good thing, to have an exchange wallet down right around pay day when people might want to invest!


If you need another exchange with zencash support, try bittrex. That’s what I use and I hear sign ups are enabled once more.


Thank you for the suggestion, but I quit trading Aeon and Burstcoin and moved away from Bittrex when they started getting all touchy feely last yr. I Have one pretty good sized Zencash deposit in limbo, but did sell what I had on the exchange, turned it into LTC and sent it to Gdax.

I used to know one of the Partners at Cryptopia, but I hear they have a new “CEO” now so I suppose the partners are sitting on some tropical beach somewhere.
No news about the wallet being down, or for how long anywhere on the exchange site, so I
bet Im not the only one with Zencash coins in limbo!
I will be hanging around at Gdax from now on! Best to you!