Crypto Transaction Collection System for Tax Purposes in US


interesting. it seems to be having an internal error on your address but not on mine. I’ll dig deeper and figure out the root.

edit: it’s likely volume related. Looks like the address has close to 3000 transactions. Fear not, i’ll figure out a solution.

edit2: I’ve isolated the transaction addresses were throwing the errors. It looks like the root cause is if the transaction is originating from a z_address being sent to a t_address. Since the originating address is Empty, it fails to verify if it is a self sent transaction. So it kills the process rather than spitting an error. Silly oversight on my part. Should have a fix deployed shortly.

edit3: fix is in place and deployed. I increase the timeout to 5 minutes (up from 30 seconds) to handle large requests like yours. Also fixed and the Internal Server error which was caused by zk transactions. I’ve verified it is working on @engineerking 's address.


Thanks for all the help but I gave it a try a couple times and it seems to be doing something in the back end for awhile but then it spits out this message. Much cleaner error page:
Application error
An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details.

edit: I am using chrome on linux if that matters? I will try firefox and windows.

edit2: Firefox and windows produces same error page.


It looks like firefox isn’t patient when it comes to waiting for a page to render. Chrome just waits until its finished generating the file, but firefox seems to kill the process. In the server logs it shows the process finishing but its not able to serve the file due to time out.

I’ve pm’d you a download link for the file. In the mean time I’m going to have to look into a work around for the long processing time causing time outs.

If you have chrome installed, it should work on there. If not, you can use the file i sent for now and i’ll post again here when I have an update.


Thanks. Got your PM. Download looks good. I see under the sender column has “zk transactions”. I just wanted to make sure that was an input rather than an output. When I was pulling data from the insight api I saw those transactions but they were actually outputs. Not hard to edit the .csv and remove them.

Other question, I see the earliest transaction is October 4th. The API call to the blockchain explorer is pulling a full list of transaction from the beginning of time? Not truncating it? I thought there were transactions from july and august. Not sure if there is anything we can do if the api doesn’t return the full amount of data. I could have also changed mining addresses back then but don’t think so.


Transactions labeled zk transactions should be transactions where you received zen from a shielded address. This is totally an assumption where no input address means its a shielded transaction. An example is here. I may be wrong on my assumption but thats the logic thats build in currently.

Its correct for them to be an output because with your address as an output it means you are the receiver of the transaction. So from your perspective it is an input, but from the transaction’s perspective it is an output. Does that makes sense?

As for transactions prior to Oct 4. I wasn’t sure if it was the API call was truncated or if Oct 4 was the true begin date. It could be an api call limit. I’ll investigate this further as well.


Thanks for the explanation. I will leave those zk transactions in there then. Surprised one of the mining pools was sending rewards with shielded transactions but who knows.

If you don’t mind looking into the truncation from the API, that would be great since I am almost certain there are transactions earlier than October 4th.

Ill shoot 0.5 zen to your donation address on your page for all your help so far. Thanks!

EDIT: So I was able to confirm the data was truncated. The total zen was around 500. The csv sum came out to a little over 200 zen. I will ask psyrax if he knows if the api is truncating data.


Renamed the app so its easier to remember. Also added asynchronous processing and touched up the UI a bit.