3 questions about secure node setup


Would really appreciate some help… I’ve followed all the steps and directions and the install and setup of a secure node seemed to go fine without errors.

But now that it’s done and running I’m having some issues (and I’ve noticed others with the same issue but I can’t find any solutions). Here are the issues I’m having:

  1. TSL certificate validation by secure node tracker

On my node, when I run getnetworkinfo it says the TSL certificate is valid. But when connected to the secure node tracker it gives an error about not being able to validate the certificate. How do I fix that?

  1. Phantom offline

The secure node tracker keeps reporting that the server is offline, sometimes for as long as an hour. But when you physically check the machine and see if all the apps are running properly it’s running fine and says it’s connected.

  1. Lack of node peers

The secure node tracker says that there are no nodes using me as a peer. How do I get people to connect to my node as peers?